Canon EOS 60D 18.0 MP Digital SLR Camera Review

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 - Canon, DSLR Cameras

Canon has unveiled several best quality DSLR camera systems over the final 5 years which include the EOS 30D, 40D and 50D also Rebel T2i also the EOS 7D. The important improvements happen to be related to 1) the height and width of the sensor, 2) the frame fee during the capturing mode as well as 3) the number of support frames which the model can save in a single burst.

Canon EOS 60D

Each the Rebel T2i and the EOS 7D offer an 18MP sensor. The EOS 60D not just has an 18MP indicator, but it also features video capacity.

So how can this latest design compare to formerly released camera systems?


1)  18.0 – megapixel APS-C CMOS Indicator – those remote control bird pictures can now be clipped even more without losing graphic quality. This can be a big advantage when compared with the older Canon versions 50D (15.1MP), 40D (10.1MP) or 30D (8.2MP).

2)  Full 1080p High-definition video seize with NTSC or even PAL frame charges of 24p, 25p or even 30p (50p or 60p from 720p HD along with SD). This is the initially the Canon top end DSLR’s for you to feature online video capturing potential. In combination with a great telephoto lens this is sometimes a key benefit provided the equipment is going to be mounted on a good tripod.

3)    In camera natural processing. This kind of new function is probably nice to possess but most photography lovers will continue to be able to prefer to do the uncooked image digesting on the pc.

4)    Price – 25% less than the Canon EOS 50D.

Canon EOS 60D review


1)   Incomplete Weather Closing – only the Canon 1-series our body is weather enclosed. The 60D has the exact same level of temperature sealing while the 50D but a little less than the 7D. Do not to get your 60D moist!

2)  Slower Frame Charge – the processor could only shoot up to be able to 5.3 fps, inside bursts up to 58 JPEGs – somewhat reduced than the Canon 50D, which includes 6.3 fps along with bursts up to 90 JPEG’s, a definite negative aspect when capturing birds during flight.

3)  The 60D does not have the mineral magnesium alloy body and does not experience as reliable as its forerunners the 50D. This for me personally is a particular downgrade inside the quality associated with the camera, and I do not understand Canon’s reason for you to sacrifice expense in this way.


The Canon EOS 60D 18.0 MP Digital SLR Camera gives some rewards over the Canon EOS 50D and also some down sides.

I guess the treatment depends whether you truly desire video potential in your Digital slur. If not this may be preferable to wait for the “70D”

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