Why Makes a Spree Killer Create Terror Among Innocent Victims?

There is no specific classification for some of the vilest acts in society that are above murder in the first degree.

The person committing these crimes is known as a spree killer. They pick off their victims at random most of the time, but they do so in large numbers all at once or over a very short time period.

This book contains 10 names and stories of people that have committed such a horrendous crime. You might remember the tragedy that they perpetrated but not be familiar with their personal story.

Stories That You Will Find Inside This Book

  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Pretty Boy Floyd
  • Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris
  • Joanna Dennehy
  • And several more.

  • Would You Like to Know More?

    This book details a brief overview of the tragedy along with characteristics of the killer’s personality. Are there common traits that might predict whether or not a person will become a murderer? Read the details in each of the stories and maybe you can decide what triggers a spree killer to act.

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